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Lower School Library: Water Libguide

Researching Water

Welcome to the 4th grade collection of water resources.  I hope these sites and databases will spark your interest and answer your questions.


Reading and rereading thoroughly is a key step in research.  Reading is how we know if a source will answer a question or lead us to more questions or on the search a different source.  Every search you do and everything you read is of value even if it doesn't "answer" your initial questions.  It is really important to see research and inquiry as a process and that every step along the process is part of the experience.  Answers aren't always easy to find and that is ok!

Also, keep track of where you find your information.  This is super important because you may want to go back to it to find out more and also because you will need to "cite" your work.  Think of citing your work as a way to give credit to the person who wrote and gathered the information you used.  It is also your way of showing that you are a researcher who uses quality resources.



Wise Water Use Websites


Water Systems Websites

General Water Websites

Global Water Issues