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OES Databases and Online Resources

Databases can be accessed both on and off campus using your OES login credentials. All databases designated as "via OSLIS" have the password "oslis".


Reliable Websites

Finding Books in the Library

If we don't have a book on your subject, check the resources below. Washington County and Multnomah County Public Libraries have much bigger collections than we do, and chances are they will have something on your subject. Still not finding what you need? Check WorldCat for library holdings around the world, and send the citation to Erika, who can order just about anything from Interlibrary Loan.

Research Tips

  • Use Noodletools to keep track of your research and generate citations.
  • When searching in databases, frame your search with keywords, not full sentences or questions. Databases aren't Google, and queries need to be structured correctly in order to get the best results.
  • Too many results? Try narrowing your search by such parameters as date of publication and type of publication.
  • Not enough results? Try rethinking your question. Brainstorm lists of words and phrases that describe your question, and try different combinations of search terms.
  • Advanced Search allows you more flexibility in terms of combining distinct search terms.
  • Put exact phrases in quotes.

Contact Erika

Need help? Email Erika at