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Upper School Books: History

Required Books: History

Below you will find links to the books required for your History class for the 2019/2020 school year. Each class has its own "box" of required books, so be sure you are looking at the correct class before you make any purchases. All links go to OES's Amazon Associates account; as an Amazon Associate, OES earns money from qualifying purchases.. If you prefer to shop locally, links to Powell's book lists can be found at the bottom of each box.

World History

There is no required book purchase for ninth grade history.


There are no required book purchases for this class.


Students are strongly encouraged to buy the print book.

Intellectual History

Although students often prefer to have bound copies of these texts to allow them to take notes and keep for future use, all but one of these texts is widely available free, online as etexts/.pdfs*  I will provide a list of links in the fall.

Media Analysis: History Through the Lens

There are no required book purchases for this class.


This book can also be rented at Amazon. Please buy the 7th edition (used or new). 

USH II: Inventing Modern America

There are no required book purchases for this class

USH II: USA on the World Stage